Have you read the book Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs?  My brother suggested it to me a few years back.  It is a fantastic read!  It’s one of those books that really taught Chad and I a lot about each other and about how we can work together as a married couple.

Because a healthy marriage is so important.

Now we don’t have the perfect marriage.  Who does?  But I can say that I really enjoy being married!  It takes work, and Love & Respect has shown us how to work at it.  He needs to feel respected and she needs to feel loved.  It’s so easy to get in “the cycle” where I disrespect him and therefore he doesn’t feel like loving me.  Or he doesn’t love me, so I disrespect him.  On and on it continues.  I literally have that picture in my mind when I feel like that is happening between us.  I see a merry-go-round in my mind and make the choice to jump off or keep riding!  Great book.  Can’t say enough about it.

Well, now it gets even better!  Now there is a devotional that goes along with the book.  It is a 52 week devotion, meaning you do one per week.  That’s doable and that’s not intimidating to husbands like a 365 days a year one can be.

Each week is set up like this:

-A scripture to read together.
-A devotional with special insights.
-A prayer to pray together.
-A form of action -something to do exercise what you have learned.

An excerpt from the devotion of week 26 reads:

We know we should forgive, but between the knowing and the doing there can be a big gap.  And when you are sitting on the unforgiving side of the gap, you can pay a price.  Jesus warned His followers of how big that price can be when He taught, “if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins” (Matthew 6:15 NLT).  Was Jesus saying that unforgiveness could cost you your salvation?  No, but it can disrupt your fellowship and favor with the Lord.  God does not damn us for unforgiveness, but He does enact discipline. 

…the path to forgiveness is to realize that the issue that prompts your need to forgive isn’t primarily about your relationship to your spouse; it’s about your relationship to God.  Suppose my wife is 100 percent guilty in wronging me.  Her guilt cannot justify my unforgiving heart.  I can remain unforgiving as long as I wish.  While I lick my wounds, I can argue with God and explain my “right” to be unforgiving.  But God’s spiritual law stands firm: if I don’t forgive, I remain in a place where God’s forgiveness will not go because sin blocks our fellowship.

You’ve got to read more of these short devotions that are packed full of good, godly advice!

Add this to your list.  And buy one for someone else why you are at it.  Our marriages are worth it!

This book was sent to me free of charge from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review.