Noise.  I bet you can guess that there’s plenty of noise in this house of boys.

Some noise I love to hear:  the giggles, the sweet voices, the Star Wars guns, the pretend kitty noises, the precious prayers.

Some noise drives me crazy:  the whining, the tattling, the tempers, the somewhat abnormal bodily functions (this has to be abnormal).

Sometimes I can hardly think straight.  Sometimes Chad and I have a hard time having a conversation.  Sometimes it just never stops.

But that noise, be it the good or bad, is noise.  And they aren’t the only things that make noise in our home.  The alarm, the tv, the music, the phone calls, the text messages, the knocks on the door.  It’s almost like we don’t want to feel so alone.

But in the middle of my noise-filled days, am I missing the most important voice of all?  Isaiah 28:23 says, “Give ear and hear My voice, listen and hear my words.”

God still speaks in that still, small voice.  In the chaos of my days, it’s so easy to miss Him.  I have to make an intentional effort to quiet the noise in my life and spend some time listening, through prayer and reading His Word.  For me, that means getting up early.  I don’t always do that.  Or if I do, I get straight out of bed and check messages, turn on the music while I’m exercising, and before you know it the boys are awake.  But it is those times when I choose to seek out the quiet that I hear Him speak to me.

Are you ready for some quiet yet?