We’ve got a waggy tail around this house.  Her name is Casey.  Yep, I’m not the only female anymore!

She is a very playful dog and loves to play fetch with her ball.  So before bedtime when Chad says, “Let’s pray” she hears, “Let’s play!”

My boys love her to pieces, and she loves the attention she gets.  Mostly.  You can tell someone has been listening to our language lessons.  Samuel says, “Come on in here, you proper noun.”

She hears everything.  I like that she’s our family watchdog already.  But that’s the only time she barks.

The only problem I have with her is that she doesn’t care for my camera.  We’ll work on that.

She is such an obedient dog.  Her previous owners did a great job with her and we feel blessed to have her.  She even learned to roll over within a day.  Shaking is next.  She was given to us, and I think it was good timing for my boys to heal from losing both Oliver and Reese.  Our hope is that Casey sticks around for a long time.

The first night I overheard Ethan saying, “This is a dream come true, Andrew!”