How is your Christmas shopping going?  Chad and I went on a date a little while back.  After dinner we thought we would look at some ideas for the boys for Christmas gifts.  I was highly disappointed in what is out there in the stores.

So I was delighted when I received the JM Cremp’s catalog in the mail! I liked what I saw.  Good quality boy stuff.   My three immediately got a hold of it after I had a good look.  And the lists began…So who is JM Cremp?

You can read their story here, but the owners of this company know a little bit about raising boys.  They have five of their own!

You just can’t go wrong with JM Cremp’s vision is this:

Our vision is to help raise-up Godly people by providing resources to parents, creating opportunities for fathers to connect with their sons (and daughters) and to offer products designed to foster the spirit of adventurous boyhood. We strive to honor God in all we do, not claiming perfection, but claiming a moral compass pointing us in a focused direction. We will pursue excellence as a company by continually developing employees and being a resource for our customers. We will strive to respect the balance of growth and profitability seeking wisdom and discernment in our decisions.

I love it!

Our family has had an opportunity to review one of the products offered from JM Cremp’s!

My boys have been interested in wind energy for a while now because of their dad’s interest. So we chose the Wind Power 2.0 kit by Thames & Kosmos

Build wind-powered generators to energize your electric vehicles and charge your rechargeable batteries! The wind spins the turbine, which turns an electric generator, which in turn charges your rechargeable AA batteries (not included). You can then use those wind-charged batteries to power the model vehicles you build. The six models include a glider, sail car, jetcar, tractor, race car and tricycle.
The Wind Power 2.0 kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios for experimenting. You can adjust the angle and number of wind turbine blades to make the best use of the wind, to make the LED light up brightly, and to charge the rechargeable battery as fast as possible. Explore this amazing, free source of renewable energy and store the electricity you generate for use in practical applications!

Our package arrived with their special mark, which I thought was pretty cool!

The boys immediately jumped inside the box and examined everything.  I was very impressed with the quality of this product.  All the pieces are very sturdy and begging to be built!

They could hardly wait for daddy to get home.  He read them some information found in the instruction booklet about wind energy to get them started.  The directions are clear and easy to follow with the help of daddy.

And that’s exactly what I liked most about it!  It was precious time spent learning and growing with daddy.

They put together the 3-bladed wind turbine first.  Here are some pictures from that project:

The boys enjoyed testing this one in front of the fan and outside in the wind! The boys (and mommy, too!) especially learned a lot about how generators work!

To change it up, they added the smaller blades…

Every child that stepped foot in this house was drawn to it!  It’s really big in size and it just says, “Play with me and learn!”

We also built the “Sail Car” that looked like this…

All in all, we were very pleased with this kit!  I would absolutely recommend it!

I am so happy to know we have a place we can turn to for fantastic resources for our three boys.  See for yourself!

There’s not just toys for boys, either!  There are some great resources for parents, as well!  I have The Birth Order Book in my cart ready to order!

Request your free catalog and put your order in before Christmas!  Your boys will thank you!  Or grandparents…a gift card would be an excellent gift!

Check them out and support a wonderful company!

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.