I’m completely addicted.  It’s bad.

But it’s good.

I’ve actually found some ideas and made them happen!  You know, you see these ideas and you think, “Boy, I would love to do that!”  And then you forget about them.  I think that’s why I’m into Pinterest.  I can keep all these ideas in one place!  Brilliant!

So I went searching for some ideas on how to decorate my outside for Christmas.  We have decorated with lights, but I have never really done a whole lot that can be seen during the day.  So here we go!

-My outside park bench by the tree. Cost =nothing

Light post in front yard.  Cost = nothing

Front porch patio set. Ikea lantern that cost $3.99. I still need a little candle for him!

-Lantern by front porch (Lantern is usually out by my pond). Cost=ribbon $2 for Chad to make me a bow; $2 candle to light (Love how that looks at night!!)
Planter on front porch. I had it from the summer and added items from the yard. Cost=$0.40 for that red pick
Mason Jars! I’m decorating with them, too! I just had to purchase the epsom salt and candles for a pretty centerpiece for my island. I love what it looks like when they are lit! You have to try this!

I love it!  Cheap and fun decorating!  Either I had it,spent very little or I picked it from the yard!