Here is another picture of my Christmas past.  I’m the baby in the yellow.

Christmas at home was always full of joy.  My parents really spoiled us.  When I look back, I wonder how they did it having five children and one income.  I told Chad the other day that I never once remember feeling like I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas.  I remember the Cabbage Patch doll I received after my dad waited in line for it.  I remember the stacks of clothes during middle school and high school.  I’m sure I didn’t act as grateful as I could have, but looking back on it I have nothing but wonderful memories.

More than the fun toys or cool clothes I received, we were always taught that Jesus was the real reason we celebrated this special holiday.  He was at the center our family, and Christmastime was no exception.  Giving gifts has always been an important way to show love in my family.  It has become one of my love languages, too.  But the greatest gift ever given by my parents was the way they modeled Christ to us.  I am so thankful for always being taught the truth of Jesus and His love for me.

And the greatest gift ever given to you was Jesus.  I hope you have accepted this unspeakable gift in your heart.  If you haven’t, why not make this your most memorable Christmas yet?