The boys and I have enjoyed our study on candy canes this week. I hope to share more on the unit soon.

We read this book:

The man in the story opens up a new candy store in town.  A young girl helps him, and he shares the legend of the candy cane.  They both end up sharing the love of Jesus with candy canes around town.

So we had our own candy store!  I filled glass jars with all the colorful little objects I could find…pom poms, magnets, etc.  Each “candy” had a price on it.  The boys shopped.  We added the total on the cash register Samuel received last Christmas.  The boys counted out the right amount to pay me, the cashier, as I bagged up their goodies. As a “free gift” I gave them a plastic candy cane and retold the story.  They loved it, and so did I!