It’s the week before Christmas, so what better time to Stick Figure through the Bible on the story of Jesus! We had the opportunity to review this study.  Take a look!

Bible students on an unforgettable journey back in time to discover the amazing events that surrounded the Nativity. Your travels will begin in Nazareth with Gabriel’s announcement to Mary and continue through the return of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from Bethlehem, to Egypt and ending in Nazareth. This hands-on children’s Bible study uses interactive lessons that young children love. Bible teachers will appreciate this unique way of teaching the birth of Jesus. This familiar nativity story will never be the same for your students after they have stick figured it!

Actually, this was supposed to have happened a couple of weeks ago. But the last month has brought some sickness and busy schedules. So we were finally able to do it, and loved it. I wasn’t surprised, though, after the study of Joseph we did.

We invited one of Andrew’s friends to join us. We were going to have a class with a girl their age, too, but she couldn’t make it. That’s the greatest part about this! You can do it as a Bible/Art class with friends in your home! I had the boys make covers for their booklets. I printed the student copy two pages per sheet to save on paper. That made a good size for a booklet, and just enough room for them to draw. They drew tiny pictures, anyway, which I though was funny! I had the teacher manual pulled up on my laptop and drew as I spoke… My favorite part? The Bible is used the entire time to tell the story. You read straight from scripture and guide them on what to draw. There’s nothing like opening up the Word of God! They both worked so hard, and stayed completely into the story… Their pictures were so great! They used some of their own creativity and boy humor. This is Mary and Joseph when they got married: And Jesus as he grew in wisdom and in stature: Such a great learning experience for us all! After they were done, we went over the story and answered the review questions. It was a success! I can’t wait for the next Stick Figuring story! We had a craft, made a snack and they all played with the Playmobil Nativity Set. Make plans to use this great way to study the Bible soon! What a great way to start off 2012!  You can receive 20% off your order until December 31st using code Advent11.  Hurry!