Wheww!  I am back from a fun-filled last few weeks!

We had such a fantastic Christmas.  How about you?  I hope so.

I have a ton of pictures, as always!  Here are my many collages!

Saturday evening we had a beautiful Christmas Eve service at church.  These are some sites of Christmas Eve just before we went to bed.  I wanted to capture the moment, and the love and peace I felt that night in our home.

And Christmas morning!  We lit the last candle, read our story and prayed.  Then it was a mad dash to the tree!

That afternoon we went to Chad’s mom’s house and a had a lovely time.  She loves my sugar cookies!  ;)

Tuesday we woke up to what really looked like Christmas!!  It was so beautiful.  I love watching my boys play in the snow.  And this year, the dog!

We went to another Christmas celebration at Chad’s dad’s home that day.  More fun, but less pictures!

Thursday my parents came!  We had a very enjoyable visit with them.

So yes, a wonderful and completely blessed Christmas!