Do you know what that is?

That is a big, fat table leg for my huge farm table Chad is building me.

I am so excited about this table!  I told Chad as I stood at one end of the 96″ long table that my dream had come true!

A table is a dream, you ask?  Yep.  A big ole table to serve the ones I love, and sometimes the ones I hardly know.  For that is my passion.  I love to feed people!  It’s one of the ways I love, and one of the ways I feel called to serve others.  Friends and family sometimes tease me at my partying self, but that’s truly one of the reasons I’m here.

And Chad?  One of his passions is building things.  He has wonderful skill that has really developed over the last 12 years.  As I slowly woke up this morning, I began to think of what our house is filled with: the work of my man’s hands.  Going through the house in my mind, this is the list I gathered (and gasped at):

Laundry Room – shelving that I really love, coat rack
Half Bath – toybox that is now a box full of our shoes
Family Room/Dining Area – base trim, crown molding, mission style end table, refinished current table and will have new table there soon, school shelving, Pottery Barn style bookshelves
Kitchen -lots of smaller items here that really display his amazing skill and patience:   pens, casserole holder, cutting board, candle holders, trinket box
Living Room -Bookcases, built in shelving in closet, coat hanger, work from his cnc machine (our last name, Bible verses, etc)
Andrew’s Room – just made and installed 4 shelves on his walls, built in closet shelves, and 3 super cool construction vehicles
Ethan and Samuel’s Room – bunkbed that still amazes me, dresser, built in closet shelves
Our Room – our headboard, and a neat shelf made from old wood my mom had
Our deck outside, the clothesline, and on and on.  I know I’m missing some things!  And that’s just stuff we have!

We have the night to ourselves.  We picked up the stain for this new table.  Going bold on this one!  The top will be a wood color, but the legs a different color.  Oh my, this is scary!  We met a sweet lady who is single with 3 children.  She told us how frustrated she has been trying to hang a shelf/coat rack.  We gave her our number and you guessed it, Chad is going to help her by cutting some keyholes in her shelf.  She was so very excited.

That’s my Chad…loving, compassionate, and pretty daggone gifted.

I can’t thank you enough, baby, for all the hard work and heart you have put into our home and into the lives of others.