The table is coming along!  We just might be dining at it this weekend!

A tradition that we should have started a long time ago is putting scripture on wood pieces that Chad makes.  I guess it’s not too late for most things.

Everyone contributed to what they wanted to be on there.  We signed our names and put the date on the underside just before Chad sealed it.

I love knowing it’s under there!  And I love knowing that wherever it ends up someday, memories and God’s truths will be spread.  It’s like building your foundation…our sturdy foundation in this family that starts with this guy…

Oh how I love this man.  What a true example of love he is.

The table legs!

I wanted this to be completely unique, and it will be!  I have an aqua color in the kitchen, so we thought it would be fun to do a darker blue/green color on the legs (teal or jade, not sure).  I became really nervous about how this was going to look early in the week, but Chad said this was the color.  He will finish the corners with a metal piece to go for a funky modern, yet rustic industrial look.  Ok, that’s probably way out there.  But it will be us.

And best of all, we will serve and love from this table with the Word of God underneath!