My new hobby is sewing, thanks to a little confidence Pinterest has given me!  I’ve had a sewing machine for years and have only sewn very minor things like curtains or other easy no pattern items.  But because there are so many great items out there on Pinterest, I’ve taken up a whole new love!  Look what I did!

I made an iPad pouch using this great tutorial from One Shabby Chick.  This involved some skills I had not done before, but I did it and am quite proud of this little thing!  And it only cost me a few dollars. I had everything except for the fabric, which I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

I had some extra (and still do) so I made an iPhone holder made out of a lotion bottle.  Also from Pinterest, I followed this tutorial.

I’ve done more, and have more in mind!  I think the key is leaving my sewing machine out so it’s easy to access.  The boys are always interested and want to help me push the “gas pedal”, so I let them.  I need to find something they will be interested in making.  My mom is such a good seamstress, so maybe I’ll pass some of that on, too.