We’ve celebrated two birthdays around here for a week now.  It has been fun, mostly!

We celebrate the boys on their actual birthday by giving them surprises about all day.  They get to choose where they will eat one meal.  For Samuel, he woke up to a masking tape filled living room  He had some presents and a breakfast bar (his request) with a candle in it.  We went to Chick Fil A for dinner.

We had their birthday party this past Sunday.  It turned out well.  I can’t wait to post pictures on that real soon!  Loved the puppy theme!  Chad’s dad and step mom came over afterwards.  I told them I felt hungry but didn’t really feel like eating anything.  We had a great visit.  Just as they left I started feeling a little sick at my stomach.  That night the worst stomach flu I’ve ever had hit me hard!  Chad stayed home all day Monday and Tuesday morning.  It was quite a blessing to have so many new toys for the boys to play with.  I was able to stay back in my room (which I really didn’t want any form of audio or visual stimulation at all) and get some rest.  It was bad!

Ethan celebrated his birthday with balloons and a big sign waiting for him.  He requested Dunkin Donuts for breakfast as his meal.  They woke up and I told them to get dressed.  We headed out for donuts.  That’s they last thing I wanted after being sick!  But I was delighted to fulfill his wishes.  We went to a few stores where they spent some birthday money.  Not feeling well still, I enjoyed sticking on the couch watching and listening to them play and assemble Legos.  I love boys.  I came to the conclusion this afternoon that sometimes being down isn’t so bad.  It gives you a chance to just sit and listen.  And it is nice when you aren’t too sick and can handle the craziness.

So two birthdays.  Two big boys, now 5 and 7.  Two very sweet and special boys I love so much.