We had a puppy theme for Ethan and Samuel’s birthday this year.  I had way too much fun with this one!  There was quite a bit involved, but it was all very easy and all very inexpensive.

The invitation was made by a friend of mine.  It was adorable.  She also made all the printables!  I got a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest.

That same friend had a party for her little boy the day before.  They had Chad make a picture cut out board.  Her mom beautifully painted the safari theme on one side and the dogs on the other side.  The top one is our dog, Casey!  It was darling and I thank Momma for doing that so very much!

Get ready for picture overload!  Enlarge each collage.  I couldn’t use only a few!

The cake table was filled with beautiful and delicious “pupcakes” that my sister-n-law made.  She came to our rescue when Mamaw was not feeling well.  The boys loved them, and I appreciated her doing it on such short notice!  I also made bone shaped sugar cookies.

The food was all dog treats!  We had:  Snausages (little smokies in the crockpot), Greenies (veggies), Freshies (berries esp for Samuel!), Pupcorn (popcorn snack), Canine Cheese & Crunchies (cheese & crackers), and Jalapeno Chow (cups with a dip inside).

I made the circle garland.  That is so easy and I am addicted to making it now!  The dog food bowls came from the Dollar Tree.  I printed dog bone shapes onto brown paper for the food labels.

The puppy station was the best part.  The children were as cute as can be!  They were so excited to adopt their little puppies and name them.  I adored all the names they chose as they promised to take care of them.  Samuel was so interested in all of his new toys that he didn’t even take part in this!  I think he had seen it around the house so much that it wasn’t as exciting as it was for all the other kiddos!

So each child chose a puppy to adopt.  I filled out the certificates and they signed their names.  My MIL gave me most of the dogs from her Beanie Baby collection.  The others were purchased for super cheap!  The cute basket is our dog’s treat basket!

I made a stamp with RUFF on it using foam letters and a block of wood found in Chad’s workshop.  I stamped that onto white lunch bags.  All stuff I had!

Each puppy had to visit the vet.  The proud owner’s received puppy vitamins.  Those were Skittles I found on closeout in bags Chad had from his pen making kits.

Then onto the groomer!  I had a bucket and sponges where the children pretended to wash their pets.  They each received a brush that I found at Walmart after Christmas for a quarter each.  They also received a collar that was made from $1 ribbon.  I hemmed each end and attached velcro dots that I’ve had for a few years now.  The puppy mats were from some material I’ve had since Andrew was a baby!  I just hemmed the four sides.

The last stop was the Pet Store.  There each customer received a tennis ball.  Those were in a two pack for 20 cents at Walmart after Christmas!  The little dog house toys have dogs and Candy inside.  Very cute, found also at WM for a quarter.  Now these deals at Walmart…I didn’t just stumble upon them!  I had an afternoon alone without the boys.  As I was on my way to the store, as I often do, I prayed for the Lord to show me some frugal ideas since I would be doing this for a dozen kids.  As always, He never ceases to amaze me even in the little things (which are big things to me!).  Thank You, Lord, for finding joy in that.

The puppy chow was Reese Cup cereal in Glad containers I found half off at Kroger.  Fun!  I know I would have love being a kid.  I guess I have been for the last few weeks as I have planned this.

We had a great time.  The kids were so well behaved.  We played a round of “Pin the tail on the Puppy” using a 97cent poster and homemade tails.  We also made a doghouse they enjoyed running in and out of.  It was also a great jail for the balloons!