We love our GrapeVine Studies –  Stick Figuring Through the BibleIt’s so much fun!

Andrew and I are currently working on an Old Testament Wall Timeline.  It’s the newest product from GrapeVine Studies.

Using wall timelines are an effective way to teach the chronology of the Bible.
At Grapevine Studies we teach timelines using stick figures, words, symbols, and colors. 
Our unique timelines help students to be engaged in learning by using a multi-sensory approach. We have three wall timelines:
      Old Testament, New Testament,and Blank Timelines

I printed the timeline in color and cut around the edges.  So it looks old, like a scroll.

This time I hooked up the laptop to our small tv in the school area and put the drawings up there for Andrew to see.  We did a page a day mostly.  He begs to do more whether we have time or not!  That’s when I know this is for him.

I’m learning and he’s learning.  It’s quality time spent together learning about God’s Story.  This is what homeschooling is all about.

Promises, God’s Plan, His Sovereignty.  I have loved the discussions we have had together.  It’s so easy to do with this type of casual and fun way of studying history.

Eyes are looking forward to the promised Messiah throughout the Old Testament…

It’s going to stretch across a wall in the room, and we can’t wait to see it all completed.

I hope to do the New Testament Wall Timeline soon!  What better way to wallpaper your room!  But up next: The Resurrection!!

Check many more studies GrapeVine Studies has to offer.  You will not be disappointed, and your children will not be bored!  I seriously adore this way of study, and there’s no better company to support!

I received a copy of the Old Testament Timeline in exchange for an honest opinion.