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We had a small Valentine’s Day party with some friends yesterday.  We had such fun.  I did a couple of games with the children.  They love this one!  I found my idea from here.  This gal’s is way cuter than what I did, but I had to change it up a bit for smaller children.

So they attempted to do the following under one minute:

  • Take the Twizzler and bite off each end, forming a straw.
  • Take the Pixy Stick and open it up.  Pour powder into the circle.  Take your “straw” and blow the powder out of the circle. 
  • Pick up the Kiss, unwrap it and eat it…all one-handed.
  • Put the M&M’s in pattern order (first row of M&Ms on circles as a guide), count them and write the answer in the blank.

Here is Andrew about to bust blowing so hard through the Twizzler!

We also played the Cupid’s Arrow as the same gal suggests from here.  Another easy and great game!  Here’s a funny picture of a friend playing that game…

And a collage of pics that are just fun…

We had a great time!