Seven years ago last week we moved here to the great state of Indiana.  It’s such a fun story to tell.  A story of God’s perfect timing.  I may have told this before, but here it goes again…

Our heart’s desire was to be closer to family once we had Andrew, so Chad had applied for a job in the Indianapolis area.  It seemed like forever waiting to hear back from the company.  We wanted God’s perfect plan, but we were so ready to make it happen ourselves.  We were growing in the Lord so much during that time.  And my belly was growing with Ethan inside!  I was ready to move here and find a new doctor, no problem.  But God had other plans.

As I have told you before, we met some incredible people in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  One was Rich Davis…a wonderfully talented and kind, gentle spirit who loves the Lord.  He has illustrated several adorable children’s books we have (autographed!) and is also the inventor of the fun Pick and Draw game.  We were in a small group with him.  That group…oh I miss you guys!  What a special bond we had!  He was such a strong foundation for us.  He was outside the delivery room praying for Andrew when he was born.  He made sure that Chad told me he was there.  That meant the world to me.  He’s just one of those people that you can’t get enough of their prayers, you know?  He and the group were there to welcome Andrew and teach us so many things spiritually and about parenting.

Through him, we met and had some Bible studies with Roy Lessin, founder of Dayspring.  Yes, we did!  It was amazing.  He is one neat man of God.  I was getting close to delivery with Ethan.  The group was also aware of our deep desire to move back home.  Mr. Lessin prayed over me and annointed me with oil.  He prayed for a perfect, healthy and timely delivery of my baby.  I will never forget that, as it was the first time I had been annointed with oil.

On January 24, 2005, I received a call from the company Chad is working for now.  I knew they were calling to offer him a position.  I quickly phoned Chad.  He called me back to tell me they were offering him a job, a sign on bonus, and a completely paid move to Indiana.  I was so excited that Andrew and I literally jumped up and down.  Now remember, I was fully pregnant by now but not due for another week.  Early that next morning I went into labor.  We barely made it to the hospital. Our doctor seriously almost didn’t make it.  We were there a total of 30 minutes before Ethan was born.  A perfect baby, a perfect delivery, perfect timing.

Chad gave his notice to his former employer while at the hospital.  His dad and I flew up here with Andrew and Ethan (2weeks old).  Chad followed behind us on the road.  It was so crazy!

I’m in tears remembering this!  And it seems even more special as time goes on because it’s time like these that you know God has such amazing plans that you really can’t even imagine.  And He will even bring you some amazing people into your life.

What brought all this on besides our “anniversary”?  I found this while cleaning the other day.  Rich Davis gave this to us at our going away party.  We will laugh at it and treasure it always!

Do you see us in that truck?  I’m holding Ethan, Andrew is beside me and Chad is driving.  What a crazy whirlwind that was!  But I’d do it all over again!