We had a good week! The weather has been really nice. Spring is definitely on its way!

We went on a field trip with our co-op class, then we all met at a friend’s for lunch and playtime. Here are my boys when we got home:

Wednesday we had a dentist appointment for Ethan, and a not so enjoyable trip to Kohl’s. How is it that boys learn to hate shopping so early?! A visit from grandparents helped that afternoon. Awana is always good for my boys, too.

Thursday we spent the day here getting some projects done around the house. The weather was great, so the boys spent a lot of time riding their bikes!

Friday we had a “money class” with a friend. This was our second meeting on the subject. We had a good time together. We watched a video, read a book, played money bingo and discussed a lot about the value of money (and how much it really takes to live!) It’s never too early to start teaching them to budget! I think they got through our talks so well in anticipation for the general store! They were so cute.

Friday night I was honored to serve with a church group at Riley Hospital for Children. We provided a meal for the families that are staying at the hospital. It was a very enjoyable time, yet very sad at the same time. So many worn out parents. I am so glad we did it, and so glad my friend headed it up. What a blessing it was to us! We all went out afterwards and had a blast together.

Yesterday was spent ripping out our kitchen floor! We are now living in quite a mess! My table is against the wall, the oven on the other side of the kitchen, and my island and refrigerator is in the dining area! We were all exhausted half way through, and spread out on our deck floor in the sun like a bunch of cats! Ethan was sick yesterday afternoon and evening…a stomach virus that seems gone already. I am making myself sit down and work on some things this morning while he and I are home!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!