A good friend told me about Readeez.  Actually, her son told my son.  You gotta love it when your homeschooled children brag about something they are using at home!  It must be good if boys are sharing such info!

What is it?

Readeez are a new way to learn reading, math, ESL, spelling and other useful things. A Readee is a short video, usually musical, where you see and hear every syllable at the same time. We call this SyllableSync. More than 150 Readeez have been produced so far. Readeez were created by Michael Rachap.

So we checked out their website.  I was impressed right away,  and my boys were instantly hooked!  I was, too!  Mr. Rachap’s voice is great, and his daughter’s is as sweet as can be.  That’s a huge plus when you don’t mind hearing them play over and over and over again!

We have them in our iTunes, so they can easily watch them on our iPad.  It’s appropriate for multiple ages.  Andrew couldn’t wait to see “Volume 3” that he had heard about.  And they are 3rd graders!  Ethan was right there with him.

It wasn’t long before little brother showed up to watch…

Then little brother got a hold of it to watch the Nursery Rhymes video while eating crackers!  This picture makes me laugh.  This is the life.

So here we have a preschooler, a first grader and a third grader enjoying!

Watch some videos here!  We actually viewed “The Value of a Dollar” in our little money class here at home.  It definitely is cathchy and teaches them in a way that keeps their attention.  Learning to music is always great, in my opinion!

Math Folder Full literally is a folder full of goodies!  In these, you receive videos, audio clips and an ebook with great printables.

I cannot wait for more Bible videos to come out!  Share your opinion and suggestions!  Right now they have the Beatitudes.  We have taught our boys these recently, and this was a great help!

We have really enjoy the videos and the mp3s on every form of media we have!

So check it out!  I think you might be hooked, too!

I was provided the Readeez material at no cost in exchange for an honest opinion.