A group of super fun homeschooling moms get together once a month.  We have way too much fun and stay up way too late doing it, but it’s so worth it!

This month I planned a Pinterest Party!  We called it a Spring Fling as each mom brought in spring ideas to share.

I only got a few pics from the party.  Too busy!  Not pictured from these amazing gals were:

Peep Garland; Popcorn Bar; Potato Soup; Growing Tulips Indoors; Paint Chip Easter Garland

Everyone made one of these pinned from here.  Hopefully my grass starts growing soon!

And a spring paper garland that’s found all over Pinterest.

We also painted some chalkboard labels pinned from here.

I love just getting together and doing some things that we are interested in!  It was so nice to chat with each other, and encourage each other with ideas to make our families and homes and fun place to be.

Next month we plan to have a pampering party!  Each of us are getting tired, and definitely spring fever with this crazy warm weather we are having!