Samuel made him a peanut butter sandwich.  He loves peanut butter a whole lot, so as he was making it he licked the knife a few times. It’s a good thing the jar was almost empty!  Anyway, he completed his sandwiches and yells out,  “Look Mommy! I made a peanut butter and germ sandwich!”

He always lets us know what’s on his mind. He told me the other day he loved me “more than his blankie, and that was a whole lot !”

You know his love for cheese, right? Ok, the boys loves to eat!  Anyway, he was eating some one day and said there was a cheese party happening in his mouth!

My favorite phrase that he’s using lately is “bitty witty” instead of how we would use “itty bitty”.

And his faithfulness to praying for any of us who are sick melts my heart.  When I had strep last time, he walked up to me on the couch and said he wanted to pray for me. He did right then and there.  He has done that for all of us on several occasions. I love it!  His biggest concern now is tornadoes.  He gets that from his momma!  He keeps us praying together.  He tells me he’s just ready for us all to go to heaven.  Me too, buddy, me too.

He cracks me up with his dog.  He gets in trouble and gets banned from petting her about every other day!  I think he likes the fact that he has some power over her, since he misses that with two older brothers.  Casey puts up with a lot, and still loves and protects her Samuel.

He love strawberries more than anyone I know.  I made strawberry salsa with cinnamon tortillas.  He jumped up to the table, took one look and says, “IIII love it!” He’s so expressive.

He’s a one-of-a-kind boy, and that’s why I love him so.