The other morning while the sun was coming up, I looked around the clean house.  I grabbed my camera knowing this moment wouldn’t last.

And I’ve been wanting to show you the table I adore so much.

It’s so rustic and unique to our family.  It fits 10 people easily.  We’ve hosted a few parties and a co-op class.  One gathering was a table full of 8 boys.  Love.

The two benches Chad made are awesome.  He’s so good at what he does.  And I love the lonely ping pong ball that snuck itself into this picture.  That ball is from a gun that only a dad and a boy would make together.

But you know what?  I’m glad this moment didn’t last long.  For what would I do all day with no crazy wild boys and a girl dog running around this place making messes everywhere?  As hard as it is sometimes, it’s really worth it.  Like today, I have to put it all back together and clean all over again for the weekend.  I’ll remember my clean house in pictures, but I’ll remember my days in my heart.

Thank You, precious Father, for the gift of Your love.  Thank You for giving me the ability to show love.  I ask you to help me this day to remember what I have, and where it came from.  Help me to not want more, but to desire to know more of You.