We had a blessed Easter holiday, as we always do.  It’s such a sweet time of celebrating the life of Jesus that was laid down for us!  I’m so thankful that He is alive today, and active in our lives.

During the week before Easter we were a part of some special times with family and friends.  Our family here at home went through this book that I adore…

We had Easter at Mamaw and Papaw’s on Palm Sunday.

Tuesday we had a co-op party.  The children took part in a feet washing.  It was precious.  I hope they never forget that.

Friday night we hosted a party.  We had a campfire and a glow in the dark egg hunt.  This was awesome.  Do it next year!  The dads hid 120+ eggs in our front yard.  These were larger sized eggs with glowing bracelets inside.  It was a sight to see, and I didn’t capture it.  But I won’t forget it.  We gathered around the campfire and talked about Good Friday and how Jesus is the Light of the World, and that we too can be a light in the dark. I loved hearing their hearts.  It’s a simple message, and they get it.

On Saturday my parents and my niece came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time together.  We cooked, made eggs and hunted Easter baskets.  My niece stayed until Tuesday, and the time with my parents was just too short!  But I’m so glad you came!!

Sunday we all went to church together.  My niece played the piano at our church, which was lovely!  My sweeties looked pretty cute.

Chad’s mom and step dad joined us for lunch.  It was such a blessing to have 10 people gather around the table.

I hope you experienced an Easter full of love like we did!