Life is never dull around here. This is having boys…

Chad a busy last week. His company hosted their national meeting here in Indy, so he was gone a lot. Him and I got a night in a hotel suite, which was totally worth all the time he put into the week. But not for Samuel. He was so excited about “spending some time with Daddy” Tuesday night. He says, “I almost forgot I had a daddy!” Ok, that’s a little much. But that’s Samuel!

We bought a brand new electric pencil sharpener Tuesday night. Wednesday, Ethan thought that it would be great (while I was in the shower, of course) to sharpen his pencil eraser with it. He came to me crying and said, “I’m really sorry for what I did.” I had no idea what he was about to tell me. Reluctantly, I asked what it was that he had done. The first thought that came to my mind when he told me was, “Now Sarah, you have three boys who really haven’t been that daring with stuff. It’s no big deal, so let it go.” I went to find him and forgave him, of course. It’s just a pencil sharpener, and he’s just a curious boy.

If you don’t have any “ash mud” in your yard, you are missing out! One of their favorite things to do now is make recipes of ash from out firepit, mixed with water and whatever else they find.

I had to teach on crickets for co-op this month. This week we had a lab where we made homes for crickets. I love the Apologia Curriculum, but I don’t love insects. We made it through with screams and heebeegeebees.

I played nurse for a couple of boys yesterday. They were cutting grass with their little kid scissors. One little finger got too close to another’s pair of scissors. Then one little guy and I went on a bike ride together last evening and he had a bike wreck. It’s frightening when you see a mouth full of blood. They are all ok, though. No major injuries. I’m glad to wipe boo boos and tears.

And what could have been a trip to the hospital…

I snapped this one with my phone just before I made them quit. So rest assured, there were no knots on heads this time. Yep, they are beating a box and thought it was hilarious!

There are a couple of arrows on our roof now. Can you guess why?!

And my girl dog has the job of watching the boys out in the yard, and occasionally herding them back into the yard.

We are nearing the end of the school year. I put the rest of the work in our folders today just so we could all see that it is going to happen soon! This year has flown by, though, really. Give me some summer. I’m ready for some more boy fun.

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