My boy is 9 years old today.  He’s growing so much in so many ways.  Some things I can say about him today:

He is one lovey dovey.  He loves to cuddle, hug and get his head scratched.  I told him I used to get paid by my brother to brush his hair.  I know one day, I’ll be paying Andrew just to let me scratch his head!!!

He is very passionate about inviting other families to our church.  I love that.  Just today at the park I was talking to another mom of three little boys.  He made sure I invited them and wanted to know what they said.  I told him the lady didn’t seem to interested, and that bothered him.  I told him all we can do is tell and leave the rest to God.

He loves his dog.  He loves sleeping with his little brothers.  He loves babies.  He hates taking showers.  He would wear the same piece of clothing for a week.  He’s crazy about his daddy, and everything daddy is in to.  If there was one subject he could skip, it would be math.  But he’s so good at it.  He loves to read and dreams of inventing something someday and traveling as a missionary.  He’s one handsome guy.

He has big hands and big feet.  He loves to climb trees and play long jump off the deck.  He’s all boy, and proud of it.

And I’m proud of the little guy he is.

Sunday is his party.  We are looking forward to some fun with 10 other kids his age.  Science!