Last Sunday we had Andrew’s party!  We had lots of fun, and made many messes.  All the children seemed to have a great time.  With tons of pics, I’ll try to explain what we did…

Andrew wanted a nuclear t-shirt, so I did the freezer paper method to do that.  He loved it!  I decorated the chalkboard on our front door for the children to “scan” their hands before they entered.  It was Andrew’s idea that we prop it up against our doorbell to ring and they scanned their hands, and it worked!  Chad’s mom made the cake with Andrew the Scientist on it.  Decorations and all kinds of materials used came from an incredible free science kit I received from the American Chemistry Society.  The party favors were little beakers from Target (got them cheap!) filled with the following: Pop Rocks, mini test tubes (Target) filled with Fun Dip, plastic spring toy, a spinning top and eraser that looked like science (Dollar Tree), fun color striped glow stick (Dollar Tree) and candy like the Splash Soda (local candy store) that was fun and fizzy.  Petri dishes were filled with Jello.

I made everyone a name tag that said “Scientist Name”.  They were laminated and hung on lanyards brought home from Chad’s latest meeting.  The children had a pair of goggles, too, given to me by a friend.

The first experiment Dr. Chad did was Elephant Toothpaste.  Then we let everyone make their own volcanic eruptions with the classic baking soda, vinegar and color mix.  The weather was warm.  We were under a tent, thank goodness!

The next experiment was making our own lava lamps.  Fill a test tube 3/4 full of oil.  Top off with water.  We added a color tablet (10 cent Easter sale!) and then add a piece of Alka Seltzer.  The neat thing with these are you can just keep adding that seltzer and continue the fun!

Cake & Slime (lime sherbet) and presents were next.

Then we made slime!  Two different kinds from a science kit Andrew had plus extra supplies.  I’d be happy to send you some recipes!

What would a science party be without some Mentos and diet pop explosion?!

What a blast!  Andrew told me it was the best one ever!  He has some pretty super friends.  I think it was definitely a good age for this one.