We’ve been keeping busy around here. The most exciting thing happened today! Our last day of school! Summer is here! I cracked myself up when I texted this to a friend earlier today: The boys passed (their tests). School is done. Praise the Lord, maker of heaven and earth. Who lifts me up from my distresses and sets my feet in the pool.

And that’s what we did today. We partied at the pool! I made cupcakes and had very simple treat bags for the six boys. I really look forward to some time off!

I had tears making these cupcakes still grieving over another friend that moved away a year and a half ago. How many more goodbyes can a girl take?!

Speaking of that friend. Remember the memorial I set for her? That memorial is in full bloom by my pond.

You don’t see flowers on her. There were so many I had to cut them and bring them inside. It must be a good year for roses.

More flowers in bloom…

That’s right next to the deck. The deck that holds the glass table that shattered today while we were swimming. How sad is that! Chad consoled me by telling me it must be because he needs to build a bigger one.

We got a load of dirt this week for the garden. The boys loved playing in it before we unloaded.

Our garden is full and our prayers are covering it!

This was our first berry.

We are looking forward to another camping trip coming up!

Have a great holiday weekend!