This post was inspired by my dear niece.
Up too late texting each other after a few days of learning to lean on Jesus.

I went to Ohio this past weekend to celebrate her graduation. I was circling around Indy on my way back. The two boys I had with me were ready to get home and see daddy, brother and their dog. I got off the highway to take the rest of the way home. Not normally how I go, so I made a wrong turn off of the exit. I was quite frustrated at my mistake. By the time I realized it, it was too late to go back. So we did a complete circle as I got back on the highway further down from where I had exited. We were back on our way. But right after the exit that I had previously taken a semi truck had swerved off of the road. Huge skids marks crossed the lane that I would have been driving in. It literally took my breath away when I realized that this was God’s Mighty Hand protecting me and my boys. Wow.

So we were happily home. All three boys started a VBS Monday morning. I was excited to have a week off. I just didn’t quite know a week off would mean being laid up in a chair. I started dinner Monday evening. I had asked Chad to stop by CVS to get some allergy meds for Ethan. I wanted onions for our stir fry, so I quickly jetted out the back door. I stopped off onto a hose and down I went. I knew it was bad. The pain was so intense I thought I would throw up. All three boys and the dog did all they could to help me. I had a pillow, a glass of tea and ice. Andrew called Chad after he almost called 911! I had asked for ice. Samuel came out with one little piece of ice and got right up in my face and asks, “Where do you want it, mommy?”. They were all so precious. They’ve prayed for me and made me eggs for breakfast. Chad stayed home yesterday and here I sit resting again with at least a sprained ankle. I had x-rays done on my foot today.

And Rachel says that night after she hears both stories “…leaning, leaning…safe and secure from all alarms.”

What a way to learn to lean on Jesus. Or to realize how much I do lean on Him and not take it for granted.

Deuteronomy 33:37
The eternal God is thy Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.

I certainly do have blessed peace with my Lord so near. I’m leaning on the everlasting arms.

Graduating high school! What inspiration to us fellow homeschoolers. We can do this! My sisters second graduate…

Such beautiful girls. Sis, you’ve done well. I’m proud.
And I’m so proud they are leaning on Jesus, too. What more could I desire for these young ladies.