Earlier this week a pretty amazing thing happened.  Chad was out working on his truck.  I happen to be messing around with my camera, shooting pics.  The boys were playing around when Andrew spotted what he thought at first was a cicada.  Then he yelled out, “Daddy, look!  It’s a baby bird!”  Chad told me to come quick and bring my camera.

It was a hummingbird!  Chad had heard its little chirp while out there.  This little thing was so pitiful.  After looking at it, we realized it was a female ruby throated hummingbird.  We named her Ruby.  Chad transported her to the table on our deck.  Such big strong hands, yet so gentle.  That touched me.

We spend the next few hours caring for her.  Chad moved her on a piece of paper because she was extremely fragile.  Andrew fixed some sugar water in a lid.  He tinted it red, which I thought was cute.  We decided no coloring would be best.  She drank from the eye dropper.

The boys watched and watched.  We were all pretty amazed at this little creature God created.  She was our responsibility for a time.  The boys all did their part.  I brought out one of our bird books to learn more about the species.  They showed Ruby the pictures.  They continued to feed her.  She would drink from the lid, too.  We laughed at her tiny tongue.  She was starting to perk up.

The boys brought her grass to keep cozy and a ramp to climb on when she was ready to fly.  They flapped their wings in attempts to teach her how to fly.  It was cute.  Then my sweeties thought it would be a good idea for me to pull up a video on my phone so she could learn how to fly, or how to fly again.

She even jumped up on her lid and perched there.  We were seeing a lot of progress.  She was coming back to life.  I’m sure the red flower helped her feel loved.

It was getting dark.  Each of the boys begged to take her inside.  I sent them in for showers not knowing what we would do with her.  We weren’t in long at all when Ethan walked back outside after he was done getting cleaned up.  She was gone.  She had flown away.  What a neat experience.  We will never forget little Ruby.