This post was started…oh, way back in early September.  I just don’t find the time to do much blogging lately.  I wanted to attach links to all this stuff, but that probably doesn’t matter anyway!

School is off to a good start!  We have our moments of frustration trying to get back into things, but all and all it has been a blessing.

Here’s a run down of what we are doing:

Andrew – 4th Grade

Math – Horizons 4
First Language Lessons
A Reason for Spelling
Reading Comprehension
The Story of the USA and many supplements with this.  We are having a lot of fun with this so far!
Awana T and T
Piano Lessons

Ethan – 2nd Grade

Horizons Math 2
A Reason for Spelling
First Language Lessons
Awana Sparks
Piano Lessons

Samuel – Kindergarten

Horizons Math K
Shapes Builder
The Reading Lesson / Phonics Pathways
Awana Sparks
Time with mommy while the other two are at piano!

We have started our co-op again this year.  We are such a close family.  I really enjoy it, and my boys do even more.  We are doing Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day this year.  Last year was Flying Creatures.

Reading and iPad apps add to all of the above, as well as miscellaneous unit studies we do throughout the year.

In the evenings we are going through “The Dig” as part of our family devotional time.  It’s so neat to see these boys grow in the Lord.  We have some fantastic discussions!

Our school area looks like this, although I didn’t get a picture of Samuel’s little school desk…