Grace. It’s God’s greatest idea.
It truly is more than I deserve. And it’s greater than I can imagine.

Let me say that I’m so very thankful I chose this book to review. Truly one I know was picked out, if not written just for me. It arrived right before we left for Virginia Beach. I never could read anything while traveling, but I read this entire book while on the road. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old. Or maybe because it was that good!

I think Chad heard two-thirds of the book because I repeated about everything I read. Max Lucado has a unique style of writing. He is very relaxed in his writing. It’s as if he and I were having a conversation over a cup of hot tea.

So grace. Did I really understand it? I don’t think I did quite like this. I’m not sure I still quite understand it all. But I accept it, and I have been changed by it. I’m changed every day by God’s grace. Although I could quote the whole book, here’s one example in the chapter “Heaven:Guaranteed”. Jesus is speaking to His disciples on the night before he died. This is Lucado’s translation:
Your fall will be great, buy my grace will be greater. Stumble, I will catch you. Scatter, I will gather you. Turn away from me, I will turn toward you. You’ll find me waiting for you in Galilee. (Matt. 26:31-32).
And this one because I had written “wow” beside it:
To live as God’s child is to know, at this very instant, that you are loved by Your Maker not because you try to please Him and succeed, or fail to please Him and apologize, but because He wants to be your Father. Nothing more. All your efforts to win His affection are unnecessary. All your fears of losing His affection are needless. You can no more make Him want you than you can convince Him to abandon you. The adoption is irreversible. You have a place at His table.

So yes, it’s a book you need to get and read. Today!

This book was provided to me free of charge from Booksneeze In exchange for an honest review.